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24/7 Client Support

Caring for Northern Virginia
seniors since 2007

24/7 Client Support
Caring for Northern Virginia seniors since 2007

Where Do I Begin?

ElderOptionsThere are many reasons and times in life when an elderly individual might need help with daily activities. This may include when depression or anxiety becomes overwhelming or incapacitating, following an illness, surgery or injury, or when a physical or mental condition becomes chronic, degenerative or terminal.

For the loved ones of these individuals, it may be geographically, physically, logistically or emotionally impossible to provide for all of their needs on an ongoing basis, regardless of the desire to help.

That’s why we at ElderOptions provide a variety of services designed to meet the immediate and evolving needs of our clients. Consistency is key. We understand the importance of maintaining consistency among caregivers with our clients. Throughout all levels of care, this consistency allows our clients to build a bond with their caregivers as if they are family. As these bonds develop, the caregivers and care team are able to maintain high levels of care through capacity and compassion so our clients can live safely, comfortably and happily in their homes.

Benefits of In-Home Care

  • In-home care improves aging adults’ quality of life by preserving their independence and freedom as much as possible.
  • Nine out of ten seniors prefer in-home care.
  • Personalized care in-home care promotes safety, healing and wellness.
  • In-home care provides peace of mind for far-away family members.
  • Risk of infections is lower with in-home care than institutionalization/ hospitalization.
  • In-home care is less expensive than other forms of care.

Indicators of the Need for In-Home Care

How do you know when you or a loved one is in need of a caregiver? Any noticeable changes in the conditions and behaviors below can be signs that an aging adult is growing increasingly confused, fearful or forgetful.

  • Messy Home – clutter, odors, undone laundry or dishes
  • Poor Personal Hygiene – unkempt hair, body odor, dirty or unsuitable clothing
  • Weight Loss or Gain – loss of interest in cooking or eating, poor nutrition or depression
  • Driving Safety Concerns – accidents, dents or scratches or tickets
  • Withdraw – reduced socializing or leaving home

If a family member is not capable of providing caregiving support – or he or she just needs a break every now and then – it may be time to consider engaging an in-home caregiver for assistance short- or long-term, on a regular or occasional basis, immediately or eventually. At ElderOptions, we provide Virginia State Certified caregivers to assist in homes, assisted living communities and nursing homes.

Finding the Right In-Home Care in 3 Steps

  1. Working with ElderOptions begins with a conversation with one of our owners to determine the appropriate level of care and services required. During this conversation we also discuss caregivers and services, a starting date and schedule, and payment options.
  2. One of our Registered Nurses will contact the client (or loved one) to schedule an in-home visit. The in-home visit is where the individualized plan of care (POC) is developed to include the Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and/or Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs) the caregiver will follow. The POC also includes a home management/safety check to ensure that the client resides in a safe and clean environment. This check involves verifying proper lighting levels, cleared pathways, working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and the removal of potential safety hazards (i.e., slippery rugs or exposed wires).
  3. Start services with the carefully selected caregiver (matched according to certification, availability, personality, shared interests and several other qualities) on the requested date.

To learn more about our staffing and engagement procedures, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or call us at 703-531-1411.