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24/7 Client Support

Caring for Northern Virginia
seniors since 2007

24/7 Client Support
Caring for Northern Virginia seniors since 2007


ElderOptionsAn ElderOptions Senior Care representative is always available to answer any questions that you may have regarding our in-home senior care. Just call us at (703) 531-1411.

The following list contains answers to frequently asked – and important – questions that many people have when selecting in-home care services.

Availability of Services

Yes. ElderOptions offers in-home care services anytime during the day, night, 24 hours and live-in services. We also offer a live-in plus service, which is a live-in with an 8-hour night shift caregiver who allows the live-in to rest.

Yes. ElderOptions is always available and open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including nights, weekends and holidays, to answer questions or concerns.

All of Northern Virginia, including Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun and Prince William Counties, and the cities of Alexandria, Fairfax, Falls Church and Manassas.

Our Registered Nurses (RN’s) perform an assessment on all clients. This assessment translates into an individualized and detailed Plan of Care for the client in which the caregiver follows. 

Yes. ElderOptions is able to enter nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and hospitals to offer requested services, in conjunction with the facility staff.
Yes. It is important to ElderOptions that bonds and relationships are built. The consistency and continuity of care is the foundation for fulfilling these bonds and relationships.

ElderOptions is licensed by the Virginia Department of Health and must follow the strict guidelines. Our caregivers cannot administer medications, but may remind clients to take their medications. However, our RN’s can assist with keeping up and filling prescriptions and/or fill medication boxes.

Yes. A client can request a particular caregiver. 

Yes. A client can request a change to their current caregiver if their current caregiver is not deemed a good fit.

ElderOptions is very flexible. If a client wishes to interrupt or terminate the services provided, it is requested that the client provide notice as soon as possible. We understand that circumstances can change quickly.

Infectious Disease Prevention

With the current circumstances, caregivers wear face coverings and plastic gloves to the homes of their clients and when escorting them outdoors.

With the current circumstances, caregivers are screened for the COVID-19 virus before every shift via our telephony software and a health questionnaire is administered if they have not worked within seven days.

All caregivers participate in regular company-wide briefings on the latest safety protocols announced by the CDC and Virginia state health authorities.

Transparency & Privacy

ElderOptions has several ways at tracking a caregiver’s shift. We use daily timesheets that include the plan of care that is developed by one of our RN’s and is followed by the caregiver. The caregivers all dial into a telephony system or use our online Internet based software upon arrival and at the departure of each shift. The invoices you receive will detail the caregiver’s name, the date, time in and time out of each scheduled shift.

ElderOptions adheres to all Virginia state and federal guidelines as related to the privacy of your personal and healthcare information. Protecting your privacy begins when we receive the formal written contract agreement (Letter of Engagement). We will not provide unauthorized individuals access to the client’s information or to a legally authorized representative without the formal consent of the client. The ElderOptions office personnel will have access to the client’s information. The caregivers will have access to information relating to the care plan of the client.

Service Agreement

No. You can start your home health care services when you so desire.

Yes. The client or the client’s power of attorney will need to sign the formal written service agreement (Letter of Engagement).  The client will receive an understanding of the services that will be provided, as well as, a copy of the signed Service.

The client or his/her representatives may end services by giving at least 24 hours’ notice for weekday services, or by noon on Friday for weekend services. ElderOptions Senior Care may terminate services designated in the contract agreement by giving five days written notice. 

Just give call our office at 703-531-1411 and we can discuss services over the phone, and/or you can schedule a schedule a time for one of the Owners to meet with you and/or your family member or representative. The Owner will go over details about the services ElderOptions provides, the cost and how caregivers are selected to meet your specific needs. Once you sign up for services, our RN will contact you to schedule a time to come and meet with the client and develop an individualized plan of care (POC).

Caregiver Employment Policies

Yes. All of our caregivers are direct employees of ElderOptions.
Since all the caregivers are fully employed, ElderOptions takes care of and is responsible for all the caregiver’s social security, worker’s compensation, disability, and other income tax withholdings.

ElderOptions adheres to the Virginia Department of Health guidelines. All caregivers are carefully screened prior to being hired, including an extensive criminal background check. This allows the client and family to feel comfortable and trust that they are receiving the best possible and highest level of service and care.

Yes. Our caregivers are all fully employed, therefore they are covered under ElderOptions’ workers’ compensation insurance. 

Yes. All of our employees are individually insured through our Professional Liability Insurance policy and are fully bonded for the client’s peace of mind and protection.

Billing and Payment

No. ElderOptions pays the caregiver directly. 

The cost for your home care services depends on several factors, including the number of hours per day requested. We develop a plan of care specifically designed for you or your loved one. Please contact our office to discuss rates.
No. Home care services are not covered by a medical insurance company or Medicare. However, long term care insurance often does. If you have long term care insurance, please let us know and we can contact them directly (upon your approval), submit and coordinate billing throughout the time you have services with ElderOptions.

ElderOptions invoices the client every two weeks. All invoices are itemized with the caregiver’s name, date and time of service to ensure that the client is only paying for the in-home care services that have been received. Since all the caregivers are fully employed, ElderOptions takes care of and is responsible for all the caregiver’s social security, worker’s compensation, disability and other income tax withholdings.

No. ElderOptions is proud to be solely owned, therefore allowing us to provide services in any zip code or territory in the state of Virginia and the surrounding areas.