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24/7 Client Support

Caring for Northern Virginia
seniors since 2007

24/7 Client Support
Caring for Northern Virginia seniors since 2007

COVID-19 Protection Protocols

Protecting our clients from COVID-19 and all infectious diseases is our first priority. We have always followed best practices for promoting personal hygiene and home sanitization and from the onset of the coronavirus, we have taken proactive steps to mitigate physical and mental health risks and have conducted regular companywide briefings and trainings on protection protocols.

Ensuring the Physical Health of Our Clients

In accordance with the latest CDC and state health care recommendations, we maintain strict standards for personal protective equipment and social distancing.  Our caregivers are required to wear face coverings and plastic gloves when in contact with clients and are not permitted to work if any kind of illness is suspected.

Prior to all caregivers’ shifts, they are screened for COVID-19 through our telephony software.  In addition, if a caregiver has not worked within the last 7 days prior to a shift, ElderOptions conducts a virtual COVID-19 questionnaire.

Other physical precautions we take include:

  • Sanitizing all frequently touched surfaces of our clients’ homes
  • Avoiding unnecessary travel and contact with sick people
  • Washing our hands – and the hands of our clients – frequently
  • Imposing a 14-day quarantine on any caregivers who have been exposed to COVID-19 or who have shown any symptoms

We perform in person nursing assessments, but also offer virtual assessments, upon request, to limit contact with clients by those other than their personal caregiver.  These virtual assessments are offered via phone by our registered nurses and support staff.  With the input of the clients, their caregivers and family members, our RN is able to continue creating custom care plans that address our clients’ evolving physical and mental health needs.

Our social distancing support includes:

  • Grocery shopping
  • Medication pick-up and delivery
  • Restaurant carry-out delivery
  • Virtual conversation assistance with family and friends
  • Outdoor guidance for remaining at least six feet away from others

The sad side effect of social distancing and disengagement can be a feeling of isolation among seniors. The resulting depression or anxiety can lead to decreased memory and cognitive abilities. We are especially attuned to these signs and work to keep our clients mentally stimulated, engaged with family and friends, and calm amidst these troubling times.

Among the mental health support activities we provide are:

  • Frequent phone check-ins by caregivers and staff
  • Increased companionship services
  • Assistance connecting with family and friends
  • Mental stimulation activities, e.g., games, puzzles and online activities