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Suite 310 Fairfax, VA 22033
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24 Hour Line: (703) 531-1411

ElderOptions Senior Care

ElderOptions Senior Care
12011 Lee Jackson Memorial Hwy, Suite 310
Fairfax, VA  22033
O:  703-531-1411 • F:  703-531-1412
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Frequently Asked Questions
An ElderOptions Senior Care representative is always available to answer questions that you may have regarding our in home senior care.  Our representatives can be reached at (703) 531-1411.

The following list includes important questions (and answers regarding ElderOptions Senior Care) to inquire about when selecting in home care services.

1.  Do you offer day and night, hourly or 24 hour/live-in services?  Yes. ElderOptions Senior Care offers in home care services anytime during the day at a flat reduced rate.

2. Do I need to sign a Service Agreement?  Yes. If after the initial assessment, the client or the client's family, friend, or loved one decides to retain ElderOptions Senior Care's services, we will clearly define the Service Agreement. The client will receive an understanding of the services that will be provided as well as a copy of the signed Service.

3.  Is the Service Agreement long-term?  If a client wishes to interrupt or terminate the services provided, it is requested that the client give at least seven (7) days advance notice, or if seven (7) days advance notice is not possible under the circumstances, to provide notice as soon as possible.

4.  Is the same caregiver on one assignment?  Yes. It is important to ElderOptions Senior Care that bonds and relationships are built. The consistency and continuity of care is the foundation for fulfilling these bonds and relationships.

5.  Are all your caregivers fully employed?  Yes. All of our caregivers are direct employees of ElderOptions Senior Care.

6.  Do you withhold social security, federal, state and local taxes, or am I responsible for those charges?  Since all the caregivers are fully employed, ElderOptions Senior Care takes care of and is responsible for all the caregiver's social security, worker's compensation, disability, and other income tax withholdings.

7.  Do you conduct criminal background checks on all of your employees?  All caregivers are carefully screened prior to being hired, including an extensive criminal background check, so the client and family will feel comfortable and trusting that they are receiving the best possible and highest level of service and care.

8.  Do you provide your employees with workers' compensation coverage, in the event they are hurt on the job?  Yes. Our caregivers are all fully employed therefore they are covered on workers' compensation insurance and since most homeowner's policies do not cover injury to workers in the home, this eliminates the burden and liability to the client.

9.  Are your employees bonded and covered by Professional Liability insurance?  Yes. All of our employees are individually insured through our Professional Liability Insurance policy and are fully bonded for the client's peace of mind and protection.

10.  Can I change my caregiver?  Yes. A client can request a change to their current caregiver.

11.  Is there a supervisor on call after hours?  Yes. ElderOptions Senior Care is always available and open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including nights, weekend, and holidays, for questions or concerns.

12.  How often do you bill for the services?  ElderOptions Senior Care bills every 2 weeks. All invoices are itemized with date and time of service to ensure that you are only paying for the in home care services that have already been received.

13.  Are your services available in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and/or hospitals?  Yes. ElderOptions Senior Care is able to enter nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and hospitals to offer requested services, in conjunction with the facility staff.

14.  Are you a franchise?  No. ElderOptions Senior Care is proud to be solely owned, therefore allowing us to enter any zip code or territory in the state of Virginia and the surrounding areas.